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SupportValet™ Services

PedFast Technologies™ Announces our New InstallValet™ and SupportValet™ Services

Have you just purchased one of our products, but you need some help installing it into a computer? Do you need help moving data from an older version, or with another usage issue?

If you need this help and your computer is connected to a high speed internet connection, then InstallValet™ and SupportValet™ will help you!

You can book appointments now for appointments starting January 10, 2017. Scroll down for descriptions and FAQ.

Book Appointments Now:


PedFast Technologies™ will set an appointment where we will call you and then connect remotely into your computer (with your permission and while you watch) to install the software you bought, and set up icons on the start menu or task bar. We will also activate the program for you. InstallValet does not cover data migrations.

InstallValet™ costs US$29.99 per session.


PedFast Technologies™ will set an appointment where we will call you and then connect remotely into your computer (with your permission and while you watch) to assist you with more than just installing and activating. For example:

· Dealing with moving data in from an older version

· Providing interactive phone support on an expedited basis (our normal support is by email and ticket and first-come-first-served)

SupportValet™ costs US$59.99 per session.

SupportValet™ Plus

For a longer period of time, PedFast Technologies™ will set an appointment where we will call you and then connect remotely into your computer (with your permission and while you watch) to assist you with tips and tricks on how to use the program – a 90-minute how-to session with guidance by our experts. Get a leg up on using the best animal-related software ever with one-on-one instruction.

SupportValet™ Plus costs US$89.99 per session.

How it Works

Once you have purchased a program from us, click here to schedule the help you need. You can pick an open appointment time, pay the fee for the desired service, and we will reserve the time. You will give us the number to call.

At the appointed time, be at your computer, connected to high speed internet, and we will call and establish a connection to your computer. It’s easy and fast.

Frequently-Asked Questions

Are the Valet services available for the PedFast Windows program offerings?

Are the Valet services available for the PedFast Mac program offerings?

Are the Valet services available for the PedFast online (TBS.NET and TCS.NET) program offerings?

How do you accept Payment?
Unlike our normal services, PedFast Technologies™ accepts payment up-front via PayPal. From Paypal you can use any payment method other than eCheck (since we’d have to wait for the echeck to clear before the appointment).

Can I request a specific Technician?
Not yet, but we are considering this option for the future.

Can you make an appointment at a day or time not listed on your calendar?
Sorry, no. Those are the working hours of the technicians who staff this program.

I am outside the USA – is this feature available?
These services are available in USA and Canada only at this time. We are seeking technicians in the Pacific Rim and Europe to permit expansion of this service.

Who calls who to start the appointment?
Our technician will call you. Please be at your computer and connected to high speed internet.

What if I want more help and run past the length of the appointment?
The technician has other appointments and responsibilities; the appointment must end as scheduled.

What if there is a data migration or problem that runs longer than the appointment? 
The live-assist appointment must end as scheduled. However, an issue that needs more work will be put into a support ticket.  In our sole discretion, we may schedule a second or even a third free session to complete work on an issue. However that decision is ours.

What if I want something you can’t provide? I want my money back.
You are buying the technician’s time . We can’t guarantee a solution. Our agreement makes all sales final. PedFast has to pay the technician for his or her time. The reason we have this policy is because there are many occasions where a problem is caused by an incorrectly configured computer.

What if there is a problem with my computer that you can fix during the session?
If the problem is not with your software but is instead with your computer, and we can fix your computer, and there is enough time left on your appointment, then we will give our best effort to fix that issue. You have to log on with a user ID that has permission

What if the Technician fixes the issue in 2 minutes? I want a partial refund.
We can’t give a partial refund, but if your technician has time open after fixing the issue or installing the program, you can get questions answered and quick demonstrations until the time is finished. The technician is paid for all of his or her time.

What if your Support Technician finds a program bug?
Once the allotted time is finished, if there is a bug, then a support ticket will be opened and the fix will be created. PedFast Technologies may decide to open a second free one-on-session at a later time, but this decision is ours and is final.

What if something comes up before the appointment – can I reschedule or cancel?
Cancellations are allowed at any time 48 hours or longer before appointment time for a full refund. You can also reschedule an appointment at any time 24 hours or more before the appointment time.

I missed an appointment, or my Internet acted up, or something else happened to cause a broken appointment. I want a new appointment free of charge.
All sales are final, and a missed appointment pays the whole fee. We won’t consider an appointment missed if you contact us up to 15 minutes after the appointment is scheduled to start the appointment.

Are you available to solve Windows problems or problems with non-PedFast programs?
Not yet, except as set forth above.  We're not yet taking SupportValet appointments to work only on non-PedFast programs. We will see how SupportValet works for the first few months and then consider if we want to open the support services to Windows, OSX or other programs.

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